Before Trinity Kitchen bounced onto the scene, shopping centre food courts in Leeds were a somewhat drab affair, as anyone old enough to remember the St John’s Centre effort will tell you. Thankfully, the days of generic Chinese, Indian and pizza are long behind us, with Trinity offering up an awesome selection of global eats, with selected street food vendors switching every couple of months.

I’ve been hooked on the place since trying Pho back in 2013, and so am always keen to find out what’s new in the kitchen. I dropped in to sample the delights of the latest batch of vendors, which includes a Welsh take on US barbecue, handcrafted Thai ice-cream and a 1964 Mini Cooper turned that doubles as a grill and pizza oven.

And, while the use of a vintage Mini to cook food may sound like some kind of gimmick from Shoreditch, the dishes served up by Baked in Brick were good enough to stand up on their own. The menu is a worldly affair, taking inspiration from Asia, Europe and the US, with stone baked pizzas, teriyaki salmon and pork belly all present and correct.

I went for the BBQ chicken tikka, which had been marinated for 24 hours before being grilled on skewers to absolute perfection. Served with a zingy salad and fries, it was street food at its finest, and easy to see why these guys are up to their eyeballs with bookings at weddings, festivals and other events.

My companion for the evening was famished, and made a beeline for Chowdown Streatery, who serve US barbecue food that would have Adam Richman drooling. Opting for the mighty Chowdown Platter, he had his work cut out with a combination of smoked brisket, pulled pork, beef chilli, pork sausage, sweetcorn, slaw, pickles, fries and a brioche bun.

Thankfully, I was in tow to help out, and we managed to polish most of it off. Who’d have thought that Wales could nail authentic US comfort food to a tee? After a Corona or three from the central Champagne bar, we made our way to Thai Khrim for dessert. I had heard a lot of positive reviews about this brand on social, and was eager to see what the fuss was about, having never heard of handcrafted ice-cream before.

Turned out that it was a surprisingly theatrical experience, where your flavour of choice is handcrafted before your eyes on an ice-cold steel plate. The ice-cream is eventually folded, and then placed in a cup, where you can add the toppings of your choice. And, as far as toppings go, you’ll be hard pressed to find a selection so extensive and moreish.

Smarties, Oreos, marshmallows, peanut butter, Jammy Dodgers, Hundreds and Thousands, sherbet and whipped cream were just some of the toppings available, with no limit to how many you choose – music to a glutton’s ears indeed.

Given that I had just eaten my own body weight in BBQ, I went with the healthier Thai option – Mango and Coconut. Refreshing and flavoursome, the ice-cream was peppered with tiny pieces of fruit and had an unusual texture that really hit the mark.

So, Trinity Kitchen are showing no signs of slowing down, and continue to surprise regulars with the best fast food you’ll find in Britain. We highly recommend you check it out

Written by Jordan Fletcher




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